Questions of Engagement – student engagement in Schooling

How do we know if our students are engaged in their schooling?

Student engagement is integral to student achievement at school.

Engagement is a complex interaction of dimensions and attributes that makes it difficult to define and measure. It is not always recognised that student engagement with schooling is more than regular attendance and compliant behaviour in class

– (Fredricks, Blumenfeld & Paris, 2004)

The Auditor General’s Office in Victoria (2012) estimated that up to 30% of students in Victoria are at risk of early school leaving (p.7).



Investigating Engagement:

The auditor General’s findings coupled with community concerns of the importance of children’s education to further their prospects led staff at the MMVLLEN in partnership with Victoria University to initiate the Questions of Engagement Project. It commenced in 2014 with the involvement of three primary and two secondary schools with the aim to:

  • Identify the factors in each school which promoted and undermined student engagement
  • Stimulate reflection by teachers on how their teaching practices supported or discouraged student engagement.

The project used a participatory action research approach and collected data using two strategies:

  • A motivation and engagement survey (MES) (Martin, 2013)
  • Small group student interviews

Benefits for Learning

The project has become a process for schools providing:

  • A Model of Professional Learning for in service and pre service teachers
  • The Leadership team with data to enhance its school culture
  • Alternative curriculum delivery options

Read the Report:



Interested in finding out more about Engagement in Schooling and/or the Questions of Engagement project, please contact:

Veronica Snook


phone: 9376 7202



Dr Peter Burridge

College of Education

Victoria University

phone: 9919 2810


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