Student Outcomes Change Partnership

The Victorian Government aims to increase the number of young people completing Year 12 or equivalent. The Government’s targets are:

  • By 2010, 90% of young people in Victoria will successfully complete Year 12 or its equivalent
  • The number of early school leavers who are unemployed after six months will decrease.

M & MV LLEN will provide a dedicated project officer, Wendy Pitt, formerly of the Youth Transition Branch Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) to oversee the project. Wendy will help schools with the design, implementation and reporting of each project, as well as the leadership of the Student Outcomes Change Partnership Reference Group.

Schools are invited to identify one area in their Annual Implementation Plan that can be enhanced by the support offered. Once the area has been identified, schools will be provided with support to a school team to develop a project brief and implementation plan, based on an Action Research approach. The approach will provide a review process that will allow for methodology change throughout the period of the project. Victoria University has offered their support to assist in developing an Action Research Framework and participating staff may elect to use this work towards a unit in the Master of Education at VU.

The nature of the support will be tailored to the needs of each school and includes:

  • Project coordination support to each school
  • Data coordination support – assistance in the gathering, analysis, and recording of relevant data for use in identifying the nature of the school project and monitoring progress
  • Identification and coordination of external resources
  • A project reference group to oversee the support to each school
  • Provision of information to the broader school community
  • Victoria University, research support and students to work with schools

Partners in the project are:

  • WMR, in particular, the Regional Network Leaders
  • Western Youth Futures (WYF)
  • WLCP
  • Employer Reference Group
  • M & MV LLEN Project Coordinator and Transition Reference Group
  • Victoria University – Access and Success
  • Local Government – youth services and economic development units
  • Group Training Companies
  • YTSI
  • West Youth Referral Point


Post Compulsory Project Report


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