Anna Lemcke

Anna Lemcke has been the Partnership Broker with the focus on project management at MMVLLEN since 2015. In her current role she manages the organisation’s Youth Internships, JobCraft, SWL and Try A Trade projects. She began working at MMVLLEN in 2012 and has been actively involved in projects focusing on the most marginalised youth in our community. Previously, Anna worked in community development and youth work across the globe. Here she developed a strong sense for social justice learning about the importance of participation and collective wisdom.

Anna completed a Bachelor of International Development Studies and is currently studying a Master of Social Policy. Anna’s first job was working at a portable popcorn stall at a cinema in her home town. Her parents knew the cinema’s owner and put a word in for her. Anna was a very shy and insecure young person and dreaded the idea of being seen by school mates while doing this job. To this day she can’t really stand popcorn.