Mary Buttigieg

Mary Buttigieg is the Business Manager at MMVLLEN. Mary looks after the Finance and Business Administration side of the organisation, as well the Governance matters. She has been at MMLLEN since February 2014. She is a qualified Accountant and has had extensive experience in various industries, including her previous NFP role as Management Accountant at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Mary lives locally, and enjoys working for an organisation that supports the local community. Before joining MMVLLEN, Mary took a career break, and lived abroad for 3 years with her husband and young children in Doha, Qatar. In her spare time, Mary enjoys walking her dog, Kirby, and spending time with her family.

Mary completed her Bachelor of Business in Accounting many years ago. As a student Mary worked for Safeway Supermarket (now Woolworths), as a Bakery Assistant,  starting at the age of 16. She got this job because her mother worked at Safeway. Mary continued her employment at Safeway while completing Secondary School as well as her tertiary studies, before venturing into the Accounting world.