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Annual General Meeting – proposed new rules

We will be celebrating our Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30 May 10am-12noon, followed by lunch at the Kensignton Town Hall. To RSVP please email or call 039376 7251 by May 21.

At the upcoming Annual General Meeting there will be special resolutions to adopt a new set of rules. The Board has provided the following explanation below and the attached new proposed rules of association.

The Maribyrnong and Moonee Valley Local Learning and Employment Network (MMVLLEN) Inc. committee of management has taken the opportunity to update the rules of association in light of the department of education no longer requiring approval for any changes. The committee of management is keen to adopt the new rules and position the MMVLLEN to attain DGR status in the near future, which will enable us to access a broader range of grants to underpin the sustainability of the organization into the future.

MMVLLEN committee of management is proposing to repeal the current rules and adopt a new set of rules that are based on the model rules of association, but with three amendments. The amendments are to the following clauses:

  • Clause 12: There are no fees to be a member of the organization (as per current rules)
  • Clause 50: Committee of management members are for two year terms, with half the board up for election each year (as per current rules)
  • Clause 76: Winding up clause which includes if an organization is of non-for-profit and deductible gift register

The main changes to adopting the new rules are as follows:

  • Membership will only be as community/general members and there would no longer be an organizational member’s category
  • The Committee of Management would not have a prescribed number of members in its rules, currently 21; and would no longer require specific organizational categories, currently 11 categories

The proposed new rules (as per model rules) are silent on the number of committee of management members. At the April 16, 2019 Committee of Management meeting, the Board adopted a new policy of 9 elected members, if the new rules of association are approved by special resolution at the 2019 Annual General Meeting on May 30.

Nominations are being called for committee of management members and are due by May 28, 2019. If you require further information on your membership status or are enquiring about the committee of management please contact CEO Boyd Maplestone on 0413 712 268 or

At the Annual Genearl mThe proposed new rules of association are available on the MMVLLEN website at:

The following motions will be proposed:

Motion 1. This meeting approves that the current Rules of Association be repealed

Motion 2. That this meeting adopt the proposed Rules. Please find attached proposed MMVLLEN model rules.

MMVLLEN – Rules to be adopted at AGM 2019



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