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Business success story

MMVLLEN recently welcomed IKON Services Australia as a Host Employer.  IKON is a locally based business with a large and diverse portfolio of operations including property maintenance, waste management & recycling as well as commercial cleaning.  The LLEN approached IKON in response to a request we received from Mt Alexander Secondary College to support a Year 12 student, Bella, who was disengaging from school early and was focussed on gaining a painting apprenticeship.

In partnership with IKON, Bella and the school, we were able to secure a Structured Workplace Learning placement for Bella. This gave her the opportunity to trial the workplace and industry to see if it was suited to her aspirations and goals. In addition, this gave IKON the opportunity to review if Bella was a suitable fit for their team and if the addition of a female painter apprentice would add value to their business.  The SWL placement was a positive experience for both Bella and IKON, so much so that IKON decided to engage Bella over the long term and support her painting apprenticeship.  A great outcome for all parties was achieved through structure collaboration, sharing of goals and openness to look at new ways of sourcing talent. For the IKON team it was both their first student placement and apprenticeship.

We look forward to future partnership opportunities!

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