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Positive experiences make the world of difference

Jake had lost confidence and motivation when his application for Ticket To Work in 2016 was not successful. A vulnerable young man, he needed a positive experience in his area of interest, the automotive industry, to help him move forward.

MMVLLEN was approached by his school to find a suitable placement. We approached the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce for assistance and they connected us with SABs Auto which offered a placement.  This supportive placement built Jake’s confidence and identified his strengths while enabling his workshop manager to assess his skills. Describing him as “a great kid and a good worker”, the supervisor recommended that Jake’s next step be a role with limited work variety and standard repetitive tasks such as a tyre centre. A follow-up placement was found to further develop Jake’s abilities and strengths.

With his new found confidence Jake jumped at the chance to apply for a full-time Automotive Apprenticeship with his dream employer when it was advertised. We are happy to say that he was the successful applicant and is now working in his dream job. An outcome that we could not have predicted but a wonderful reminder about how a few positive experiences can make a world of difference.

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