Providing young people with skills and knowledge to succeed

What is the World of Work?

MMVLLEN’s World of Work (WOW) presentations and workshops share ideas and information with young people that will support them in their decisions about pathways to a career and to navigate the changing world of work.


WOW Workshops

MMVLLEN’s World of Work workshops incorporate career pathway planning sessions using the latest tools and technology. These tools work as prompts for young people about possible career options for them, and what’s involved.

Students learn a variety of skills, including resume writing and interview skills, as well as getting to understand your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. This experience and knowledge is invaluable, especially when you wish to stand out in the crowd and get noticed by employers.


MMVLLEN has a range of resources and current information on career and alternative education.

A young person’s family or other supporters can play a huge role in helping young people towards their goals. MMVLLEN can provide information to educate themselves and help them facilitate those conversations with young people.


Would you like more information on our World of Work workshops or like to arrange for our team to come out? Contact us today.

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Project Coordinator

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Project Officer

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