Locating SWL Placements

To support our local schools, MMVLLEN is linking with industry and employers to identify workplaces that will offer quality SWL placements to their VETiS students. Once these quality SWL placements are sourced, the opportunities are than placed on the state-wide SWL portal.

To ensure that the SWL placement offers are relevant to the students’ course, we liaise with schools on the types of vocational courses they are running and the number of students enrolled. We then, through the portal seek SWL placement offers that will provide their students with the skills and industry experience that aligns with their course.

MMVLLEN is also available to search for an SWL placement for a student who is experiencing difficulty in finding the right placement for them. This may be due to the student having particular learning needs or they are undertaking a VETiS course where placement offers are in short supply. The MMVLLEN is able to provide support by collaborating with various neighbouring LLEN’s or by creating opportunities through the SWL portal that may suit the student. For this personalized support, schools need to contact the MMVLLEN and provide the relevant details so that we can seek the right placement for the student.

Supporting Student Preparation for SWL Placements

Preparing students to make the most of their SWL placement will ensure a successful outcome for all parties and help build long term relationships between schools and employers. MMVLLEN offers in school workshops to help prepare students for placement and how to get the most out of it. The SWL workshops are a series of presentations that prepare students for placements through a mixture of audio & visual presentations and in class activities.

The workshops aim to be relevant and engaging and with up to date information. The MMVLLEN has a variety of SWL workshops which range from SWL student portal training to employer expectations. If there are any specific topics schools would like to cover which is not included within the presentations the MMVLLEN can incorporate these topics into the workshops as well.

Reflecting On The Lessons Learned From The SWL Placement

After completing their SWL placement, a student has much to gain from reflecting on the experience and drawing on it when preparing a resume. The “Lessons Learned” session is a relaxing workshop in which students reflect on their time at their placements. The session aims to ask the why and what’s of their placements.

The MMVLLEN can run these sessions with small groups of students to increase their awareness of their learning and how to build on it for future success. Contact Tim to book a session.


MMVLLEN prioritises students or groups of students that are disengaging from school or those seeking a vocational pathway.

Tim Bulaon

Structured Workplace Learning Project Officer

M: 0481 137 196

E: timbulaon@mmvllen.org.au

Our work with employers

MMVLLEN identifies and develops relationships with employers who are interested to support the development of our future workforce by offering SWL placements.

Offering an SWL placement does involve a commitment from employers. The student will need to be supervised by a staff member who has the time, knowledge and skills to make the placement experience positive and worthwhile. It is also important that the student be offered opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience of the work, to ensure that there is useful and relevant  learning from the placement.

Employers have much to gain from hosting a student. Supervision of a student is an opportunity for your staff to develop their management and leadership skills. A student can also be used to look at your workplace and workflows with “fresh eyes” to identify potential areas for improvement. A young person can also bring a new energy to your workplace.

If your workplace would like to welcome students, then we would love to hear from you. Email Jade or call 0414 084 797.

Jade McQuilken

Senior Project Officer 

M: 0414 084 797

E: jademcquilken@mmvllen.org.au