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Success Stories from YII Graduates – Round One 2016

MMVLLEN Youth Internship Placement:

The internship has made me consider my future career paths. I found that I have an interest in teaching others in the internship and I want to create workshops that would allow me to continue.

Maria was a young woman that came to MMVLLEN to gain more skills and experience within the workforce, especially within the social sector. During her internship, Maria was found to be extremely proactive, hardworking and artistic when working on the Youth Internship Mentor Program training. Once Maria started work on the Youth Internship Mentor training, she was found to have great skills in leadership and organisation, often taking charge during brainstorming sessions and developing further negotiation and collaboration skills along the way. Maria did a great job working on the training program, we wish her all the best in her future. We know it will be amazing!

Today, the job market can be extremely competitive and sometimes that little extra experience can give a young person an advantage when applying for any job opportunity. The Youth Internship Project is designed to give young people the skills, experience and confidence to prepare, plan and work towards a career goal.


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