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Success Stories from YII Graduates – Round Three 2015

MMVLLEN Internship Placement:

The internship is very useful, it teaches you how you can reach your goals and your future. It is ready to support young people and families.

Hawo joined the MMVLLEN team in the third round of intake for 2015 with the intention of gaining more skills and general experience. During her time here, Hawo developed skills in office and administration, filing, phone etiquette, time management and project management skills. Hawo also got the opportunity to attend the Youth Community Day through the North Melbourne Community Centre, allowing her to grow her own professional network and speak to other young people within her community. She was an asset to the MMVLLEN team for the time she was here. Well Done Hawo!


Today, the job market can be extremely competitive and sometimes that little extra experience can give a young person an advantage when applying for any job opportunity. The Youth Internship Project is designed to give young people the skills, experience and confidence to prepare, plan and work towards a career goal.

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