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Success Stories from YII Graduates – Round Two 2015

Youth Internship Project Placement:

I had the pleasure and experience of…setting up our booth to represent the Youth Internships and Jobcraft website. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for being a part of this project.

Elena joined the internship project team in early 2015 with the intention of gaining more experience and administration skills through the internship placement. During this time, Elena had the opportunity to assist in the production of one of MMVLEN’s most successful projects, the “Video4JobCraft’ Project. During this time, Elena collaborated with many different people in many different roles to complete the project on time. At the end, Elena had the opportunity to see what she had created and have it advertised to an audience of young people within her local community. Not only did Elena develop administration and project management skills, but she also had the opportunity to delve into her creative side and be a part of something extremely interesting. Congratulations Elena!


Today, the job market can be extremely competitive and sometimes that little extra experience can give a young person an advantage when applying for any job opportunity. The Youth Internship Project is designed to give young people the skills, experience and confidence to prepare, plan and work towards a career goal.

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