Providing young people with skills and knowledge to succeed

What is the World of Work?

MMVLLEN’s World of Work (WOW) presentations and workshops share ideas and information with young people that will support them in their decisions about pathways to a career and to navigate the changing world of work.

WOW Specialised Programs

Supported Pathways Program

MMVLLEN identified the need for a specialised WOW program targeting young people with a disability, learning difficulty, mental health or sensory sensativity from a mainstream school setting. Students undertake a five week program, one day a week that culminates in a day of work experience.

Newly arrived Program

MMVLLEN identified the need for a specialised WOW program targeting newly arrived students to understand the pathways through the Australian education system and prepare students for the world of work. This six week program one day a week culminates in a week of work experience.

Special School Workshops

MMVLLEN piloted new workshops to build the capacity of students and parents of students with a disability in a special school setting.


MMVLLEN has a range of resources and current information on career and alternative education.

A young person’s family or other supporters can play a huge role in helping young people towards their goals. MMVLLEN can provide information to educate themselves and help them facilitate those conversations with young people.


MMVLLEN prioritises students or groups of students that are disengaging from school or those seeking a vocational pathway.


Would you like more information on our World of Work workshops or like to arrange for our team to come out? Contact us today.

Timothy Bulaon

Project Officer

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