JobCraft – Local Employment Opportunities for Young People

What is JobCraft?

Jobcraft is a website that lists current entry-level employment opportunities that are available in the Maribyrnong and Moonee Valley area. Set up specifically for local young people, it also includes information on alternative education pathways and access to support with applying for a job.

The JobCraft Talent Community was established by the MMVLLEN in 2013 to provide local young people with the information they need to achieve their goals. JobCraft provides a supportive network for young people, providing up-to-date information on the options available to them so that they can make informed choices.
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Who should join?

Young people, teachers, youth/social workers and employers are all encouraged to join the

JobCraft Talent Community

Benefits of joining the JobCraft Talent Community?

For Young People

By joining JobCraft YOU will get:

  • exclusive access to reliable employment and further education opportunities
  • information on local events
  • support and information about local agencies
  • other important info that will help you to stay connected and make the most of your options.

If you’re under 25 and you want a network that’s focused on your best career choices and passionate about your future then join the JobCraft Talent Community today!

For Parents, Teachers, Youth Workers and Social Workers

You are a young person’s greatest ally. You can help find the most appropriate matches for young people that you care about or work with by joining the JobCraft Talent Community.

MMVLLEN staff are committed to keeping Jobcraft up-to-date with transition opportunities that lead to work or further education. MMVLLEN is also working with local Group Training Organisations (GTOs) to ensure that quality apprenticeships or traineeships and other entry-level jobs are made available on the JobCraft Talent Community

For Employers and Group Training Organisations

Find entry-level staff with skills matched to job opportunities. Get your business promoted on the JobCraft Talent Community by advertising your entry-level local jobs at no cost.

Contribute to the development of entry level staff by informing the MMVLLEN and JobCraft Talent Community network about the skills that entry-level employees need to succeed when starting in the workforce.

With YOUR knowledge and support and the information on JobCraft Talent Community, we can work together for the benefit of a young person’s future. 

Need to know more?

Contact us today…

Lisa Price

Project Coordinator

P: 03 9376 7251


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