Stuart Gillespie

Stuart Gillespie is the Employer Relationships Manager. He commenced this role in January 2017, having been a Board member and former Chair of the LLEN over a ten year period.

He has extensive experience in local government as a senior and middle manager and in not for profit organisations, through board memberships and his consulting work and has tertiary qualifications in business (human resources) and management.

Stuart always talks about the need to build your network, be prepared to grab the opportunity and never stop dreaming about what you want to achieve, any step you take is part of the journey. With a passion for creating opportunities for young people and seeing them reach their potential he is well known across the area from his previous work, community roles and mentoring he has provided.

At a young age he would help in his father’s furniture retail business, then be a factory hand on school holidays with his uncle.  His first full time job was as a Kiln Assistant at a local brickworks, which he describes as one of the suburban employment destinations for first time employment for young people, acknowledging with disappointment such opportunities have all but disappeared.